The History of Copyright:
A Critical Overview With Source Texts in Five Languages

This is the homepage of the forthcoming book "The History of Copyright: A Critical Overview With Source Texts in Five Languages" by Karl-Erik Tallmo, to be published by Nisus Publishing.


This book will contain a 70-100 page introductory essay in English about the rise of copyright and how people in different times regarded the role of authors and authors' rights. The bulk of the book will consist of important and hard-to-get source texts, e.g. from 15th century Venice, 18th century Britain, France and USA as well as Swedish legislation concerning freedom of speech and authors' rights from the early 19th century. All of it in the original languages, with comments and summaries in English.

IMPORTANT NOTICE, March 2014: Due to my severe health problems this project has been cancelled. For the time being, I will still keep the documents on this site available. And maybe I will upload a few of the documents that were supposed to be included in the printed book. But this is also very uncertain, so please don't count on it. /Karl-Erik Tallmo

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Karl-Erik Tallmo, Swedish writer, lecturer and publisher of the internationally acclaimed cultural web magazine The Art Bin ( Tallmo has written six books, including Sweden's first hypertext novel (1992). He has participated as an expert in governmental investigations on new media in Sweden, and also been a member of several advisory boards, e.g. at the Royal Library in Stockholm and at the Swedish Research Council.

Please note that all information given on this page is preliminary, and there is no guarantee that the finished book will contain exactly the material that is presently being planned, nor is it certain that the cover that will be used is exactly the one above. Due to unforeseen circumstances the preliminary publication plans might be changed or even cancelled. If so, those who have requested release information, will naturally be notified of such a change of plans.