The History of Copyright: A Critical Overview With Source Texts in Five Languages (a forthcoming book by Karl-Erik Tallmo)

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The Statute of Anne, 1710 (5/6)

(transcription below image)

said Company of Stationers for the time being, at the Hall of
the said Company, before such Publication made, for the Use of
the Royal Library, the Libraries of the Universities of Oxford
and Cambridge, the Libraries of the Four Universities in Scot-
the Library of Sion College in London, and the Library
commonly called the Library belonging to the Faculty of Advo-
cates at Edinburgh respectively; which said Warehouse-Keeper,
is hereby required, within Ten Days after Demand by the Keepers
of the respective Libraries, or any Person or Persons by them or
any of them Authorised to Demand the said Copy, to Deli-
ver the same, for the Use of the aforesaid Libraries; and if any
Proprietor, Bookseller or Printer, or the said Warehouse-Keeper
of the said Company of Stationers, shall not observe the Directi-
on of this Act therein, That then he and they, so making De-
fault in not Delivering the said Printed Copies, as aforesaid,
shall Forfeit, besides the value of the said Printed Copies, the
sum of Five Pounds for every Copy not so Delivered, as also
the value of the said Printed Copy not so Delivered, the same to
be Recovered by the Queens [sic] Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors,
and by the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of any of the said
Universities, and by the President and Fellows of Sion College,
and the said Faculty of Advocates at Edinburgh, with their full
Costs respectively.

Provided always, and be it further Enacted, That if any Per-
son or Persons incur the Penalties contained in this Act, in that
part of Great Britain called Scotland, they shall be recoverable by
any Action before the Court of Session there.

Provided, That nothing in this Act contained do extend, or shall
be construed to extend, to Prohibit the Importation, Vending, or
Selling of any Books in Greek, Latin, or any other Foreign
Language Printed beyond the Seas; Any thing in this Act con-
tained to the contrary notwithstanding.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if
any Action or Suit shall be Commenced or Brought against any
Person or Persons whatsoever, for doing or causing to be done
any thing in pursuance of this Act, the Defendants in such Action
may Plead the General Issue, and give the Special Matter in
Evidence; and if upon such Action a Verdict be given for the
Defendant, or the Plaintiff become Nonsuited, or Discontinue
his Action, then the Defendant shall have and recover his full Costs,
for which he shall have the same Remedy as a Defendant in any
case by Law hath.

Provided, That nothing in this Act contained shall extend,
or be construed to extend, either to Prejudice or Confirm any
Right that the said Universities, or any of them, or any Per-
son or Persons have, or claim to have, to the Printing or Re-
printing any Book or Copy already Printed, or hereafter to be


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